Venus in sagittarius man compatibility

But, because Mars is the fire starter, and ideally fire is needed in all relationships, it is only right for Venus to find compatibility with Mars. For example, Mars is known for turning up the heat in all bedroom affairs. Mars represents masculinity and is most attracted to Venus as she is all femininity all the time.

As masculine as Mars can become, Venus, matches him toe-to-toe with her soft and feminine way; and in the end, though they are opposite, the best dates, love, and sex is experienced when Venus and her beloved Mars are present and playing the compatibility game. Love this beautiful space themed cross stitch pattern. Add it to your collection now!

The true reason and meaning for finding your Venus sign are always to find true love. No matter who you are, finding love and a true companion is important to you. Why not find the best compatibility match that might be out there. Your astrology sign has many meanings and can be the beginning blueprint for creating your life, finding love, and building a promising career. However, if not done with care, you may overlook key important signs that will lead to heartache, headaches, and more. Keeping in mind that Venus and Mars are opposers of one another can prove to complicate when playing the game of compatibility; however, if Venus can make one promise, it will be that with Mars by her side, you will always have a smile on your face.

Mars and Venus work well together and though sometimes perceived as oil and water, are the two key signs that you are mastering duality.

Venus in Taurus (Domicile)

The ability to be in love while experiencing some level of war is not easy or simple, but the signs show that the experience will be more than worth it. Are you looking for the love of your life?

Venus and Mars Working Together

Now that you've taken the time to find your Venus sign, let's discuss the different signs and there true meaning:. A man with a Venus sign in Aries is attracted to firey, outspoken, challenging, independent women. These women keep him on his toes with their bossy reactions which he finds enticing and uses to play-fight with her resulting in a strong love and sex life. Women with a Venus sign in Aries are down-to-earth, and more comfortable with male companions. These women find that their Venus is ruled by Mars adding the spice that she needs in love and sex.

The true meaning behind her will never be revealed on the many dates she goes on as she will always be seen as the "tomboy" friend. A man with a Venus sign in Taurus is attracted to feminine, down-to-earth women resembling the s housewives. He appreciates her sensual side and the fact that she is caring, kind, and maternal.

A woman with a Venus sign in Taurus is a true romantic. She enjoys the softness of a man while exploring his masculinity. This woman is grounded and brings a great deal to any relationship be it while searching for love via several dates, after finding love, or while exploring her intimacy levels during sex.

He was " lambasted for having transformed the mythical goddess of love into a ' naked, impudent Englishwoman. A post shared by Carrie Feder history. A man with a Venus sign in Gemini is attracted to intelligent women borderline genius mentality. He loves having conversations with her and sharing ideas.

But this man also enjoys the mystery that his woman's mind brings to the table. A woman with a Venus sign in Gemini is clever, drawn to bright minds, has many acquaintances, and few close friends. This woman is vivacious, a social bee, funny, restless, playful, changeable, sharp-witted, friendly, trendy, and active. In her relationships, she enjoys the freedom to be herself, laughing, and is sometimes wary of finding the "One. A man with a Venus sign in Cancer is attracted to sensitive, compassionate women.

Though some of these women can become clingy and emotionally invasive, he handles her with care and gives her the utmost respect and much attention. If you are fortunate to land a girl with a Venus sign of Cancer, you've struck gold. A woman with a Venus sign in Cancer will fall madly in love with you, become you are a shoulder to cry on. Though she may come off as super protective at the start of the relationship, once she opens up to you, you won't want to let her go due to the strong emotional bond you two will share. A man with a Venus sign in Leo is attracted to superficiality, so women who focus on their bodies, looks, and popularity are always go-to for them.

These men find women who are proud and confident in who they are irresistible. A woman with a Venus sign in Leo wants to be admired for who she is. She holds great generosity, though can be a bit dramatic. This woman is creative and finds a celebration for all of life's adventures.

Gay Libra Man and Gay Sagittarius Man

A man with a Venus sign in Virgo shares the highest compatibility with women who are practical and simple. He adores her for her natural styles and keeps clear of women who need too much makeup to feel pretty. This is superficial, and he is not a superficial man. This man adores books and wants a woman who is detail-oriented because he always notices the subtle changes in his lucky lady. A woman with Venus sign in Virgo is a traditional girl. She is conservative, sensitive, and wants a man who is patient and old-fashion like herself.

Sagittarius Man And Sagittarius Woman: Nature Of Bonding

In love, this woman appreciates a thoughtful man who is a bit resistant to her ways as it spices up the communion. The man with a Venus sign in Libra is the artsy type, so he is most attracted to the romantic, feminine female. Yes, those "girly-girls" win this round. He is into literature, film, music, the arts, and wants a woman who appreciates the same.

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Women with the mouth and vocabulary of a pirate steer clear of this man as he will be turned off by her brashness and offensive tongue. Women with Venus in Libra are harmonious women who appreciate a balanced relationship. She loves the arts and wants a man who shares similar appreciations.

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  • Mars in Sagittarius: Optimistically pursues object of affection using a direct approach; acts like a daredevil, plays practical jokes, or extends and wins challenges in an athletic competition to impress someone; laughter and getting naked is foreplay; initiates spontaneous, outdoorsy, on-vacation sex. Mars in Aquarius: Determinedly pursues object of affection using an original approach; differentiates self by talking about principles, beliefs, pet causes, and idiosyncratic preferences when attempting to impress; trying something different is foreplay; initiates taboo, off-the-wall sex.

    Pisces Venus in Pisces: Love should be a perfect blend of an intuitive, spiritual bond and romance; likes nonjudgmental, creative people who think and communicate in imaginative ways; attracts love by being infinitely compassionate and seeing the best in people; flirts by developing and acknowledging a special connection; wants empathy, kindness, and sensitivity in relationships; dreamy kisses that cause tingles, foot massages, bubble baths, and mind-altering substances or practices are aphrodisiacs. Reproduction of this page in any form is not allowed without permission of the author and the owner of this site.

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