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With two, it announces a renewal of carnal passion.

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The feelings Venus and the desires Mars are in beautiful aspect but in the square of your Sun. Also, do not be surprised to experience love with more intensity, a hard thing for a being like you, who is rather soft and conciliatory. Just relax!

Pisces's horoscope for November 12222

In a relationship: A lot of emotional intensity and therefore, perhaps, a feeling of being pushed by an unusual strength in yourself. It is important, in this month, to moderate your impulses, to return to your fundamentals. Go back to the conquest of your other half! A second honeymoon should revive the flame! Single: This month is very emotional.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope November, – Spirit Navigator

You prefer delicacy to rough conquests, such is the way. Your feelings will be powerful, even excessive. A boost of fate is not excluded, but wait for the 19th to really believe it. Then, it is up to you to play, fling or love story? It is groundwork. Take your gaze beyond the everyday.

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