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Your relationships have been restructured over the last few months, and things start to move forward as Saturn ends its retrograde on September Plus, Mars connects with Pluto the next day, encouraging powerful transformations in your partnerships. Jupiter clashes with Neptune on September 21 for the third and final time this year—think back to January 13 and June 16, the last time these planets faced off; similar issues concerning planning and communication come up for you now, dear Cancer.

As disappointed as you might be about something, Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 22, helping you plan your next steps.

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Your attention turns to your private life, your living situation, and family matters as the sun enters Libra on September Important conversations take place as Mercury clashes with Pluto on September 26, urging you and your partners to discuss something difficult or hidden. During this new moon, sweet Venus connects with lucky Jupiter, bringing blessings to your private life and everyday routine.

Make time to beautify your home or entertain close friends and family. Good luck this month, dear crab, and see you in October! Left Coast Kratom is here to help you experience the freshest highest quality kratom powders and extracts at competitive prices. Search for:. Book Marketing Publishing Writing. Give everyone your warmest smile today. You're sure to lift their spirits. Whatever you're up to today, try to function as part of a team instead of imposing your ideas and expectations on everyone else.

Your ideas are often good ones, but today should be about togetherness and high spirits, not bossiness or control. Here's a good way to challenge yourself: Instead of asserting your own point of view, cooperate with someone else's vision, and throw yourself into bringing it alive. Now, doesn't that feel good? How wonderful -- today marks a brand-new personal cycle for you! You're feeling energetic, warm hearted and optimistic, and you're most definitely in the mood for some fun. Expose yourself to as many different experiences and influences as possible, in order to broaden your vision of life.

The world is in a festive mood, but that doesn't mean your work load will ease up to accommodate any gatherings you're expected to attend. In fact, work could feel like an even bigger pressure if you don't have as much time to devote to it as usual. But this is no time to get stressed out over your many responsibilities. Make a firm, conscious decision to relax and enjoy the fun, lighthearted vibe surrounding you. You're in a warm and idealistic mood, perfect for gathering with your friends and loved ones.

Your energy is high and you aren't content with lounging on the couch at home, so this is no time to go it alone.

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If you attend a dinner party, the conversation promises to be lively! Since your focus is on connecting with different people, let some of your goodwill spill over onto everyone you encounter. No matter how far you've already worked through your to-do list, today could be nerve-racking. You might even feel more and more frazzled as the day wears on, because you're trying so hard to chase down details that seem determined to elude your grasp. Remember to take deep breaths, Pisces. With such high energy and a clear vision of what you're trying to accomplish, today should be fun, not crazy-making.

Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, July The Sydney Morning Herald. When the waters are poisoned, those who carry their own canteens journey past unsullied. Fill up now, so you will drink well later…. Last year we noted Mars making its surge October: Mars Attacks! Its namesake month March will be the time to start the motor again and generally gird all loins for the next push.

This is definitely a month for pushing forward and locking horns at every level, a crush of comrades, a clash of titans, a battle of behemoths. Nevertheless, there is a piquantly precocious side to the month, as Mercury and Venus running tight together over first Neptune, then Uranus, show an inventive and charmingly artistic streak running the length of the month.

Babies born now will be uniquely talented, and trends begun now will be extra trendier. But the thrust and that is the right word of the month is definitely unsheathed action to the fore. Nevertheless, while all that gets thrashed out, there is plenty of momentum to be gathered on both sides of the aisle as the Jupiter-Saturn trine makes a grand earth trine with the angles daily and with the Moon on February On more pugnacious ground is Mars coming back into a power-grabbing opposition to Pluto for the third time, as both Mars and Saturn stand out together on one side of the sky, with everything else on the other.

All of this is just the beginning of Pluto putting its toe into Capricorn before a year spell there, when general deconstruction see our article will be the order of the day, resulting in a seriously new way of doing business and politics worldwide by the end of it. A one superpower-dominated hegemony will become a shifting triumvirate vying for position with a host of runners-up nipping at their heels for a piece of the global pie. Those who are aware of what is already happening will dodge the falling timbers and join the healthy new growth on the ever-renewing forest floor, as the snows of winter melt to reveal the green shoots of spring.

The Young Martyr, by Paul Delaroche The sky is short on water, with only Uranus holding out in Pisces, so the supposedly rational and reliable takes over and trumps the heart. The larger picture, however, is that Jupiter is with Pluto in early Capricorn for the first time since A. Jupiter and Pluto have been in Capricorn together more recently — , , , , and more back into the Dark Ages — but not so extremely early in the sign since the year St. Sebastian was martyred and Roman emperor Diocletian took over from Maximilian, just before the Roman Empire flipped to Christianity.

It was time for big changes, and people meant business, often deadly business, especially including the Christians who were willing to die in great numbers for their faith until at last they took over the empire. At the time, the winning business hand seemed to be the classical Roman status quo, but it turned out otherwise. Weak Wind Spaceref — The spots may be back, but the solar wind is only three-quarters as strong as it was a decade ago…is it affecting us?

Decoded, Again CNN — Stonehenge, it would appear, was a healing center, say two Brit scientists…guess all that planetary alignment stuff was just Neolithic tourist trappings…. Pack Up, Palin! OpEdNews — Indian astrologer weighs in on U. Color Coded Candidates Bangkok Post — Politicians are using their astrological colors as themes to garner votes…. Cosmic Crackdown Human Rights Tribune — Burmese junta used astrology to pick day for repressing dissidents…. Astrologers Eye Terrorists India Interacts — The Indian government has hired astrologers to help in security efforts….

Sing Out! YouTube — The signs, done in everything from country to neo-Neil Diamond…been around for a while, but just brought to our attention…. Hello Haumea The Register — Another dwarf planet joins the gang…. Everybody Believes Baylor Univ. A Glorious Time Wall St. Journal -- …for astrologers in Thailand, that is, as political unrest has everyone looking for the right future….

Is It Our Fault? American Chronicle — Our Sun is without spots for unusually long — is it the calm before the storm or is global consciousness-raising to blame? Thumbprints and Palm Leaves The Telegraph — Another form of divination which, like card-picking parrots, is often labeled astrology…. Feeling Ill? Hindustan Times — It could be the planets, says government study…. A spectral tell-all may be in the ether…. Laptop Guide PhysOrg — Looking to find the planets and signs in a confusingly starry sky? This little device guides your laptop and points right at them….

Kiwi Convictions NZ Sunday Star Times — From this survey about beliefs, it would appear that the fairer sex is also a little more in tune…. Prisonscopes Wales Online — Jailbirds look to the stars…. Reasonable Theories The News Magazine — The ancient Egyptians were on to something when they emphasized the Sun and its inclusive effects…. The Smart Catch On Baylor University — New university study shows the more educated you get, the more you take astrology seriously….

Free Consultations The Telegraph — World astrology conference in Asia will feature free reading from experts around the world…. Kismat Konnection Times Of India — Astrology only gets matchmaking sixty percent right, so why not hedge your bets with other approaches? Go figure…plus more on traits, birth order…. Pisces for the Pool, Taurus for the Pole Reuters — Your mathematically conclusive astrological key to Olympic winners…oh, why not? The Forer Effect Business Line — Are we just fooling ourselves when we indulge in astrology or other kinds of personality analysis?

Star Tech Times of India — The number of techies studying astrology has rocketed….

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Comic Almanack, Volume 2, by George Cruikshank

The Tale of Brother Twelve North Island Midweek — Unlikely history: legendary fleshpot guru of the Northwest was finally done in by a wronged astrologer…. Lucky Sultan Adnkronos — Astrologer risks reputation to declare one of the wealthiest men in the world has a prosperous future…. Tatters In Timbuktu Der Spiegel — The rush to save ancient astrological manuscripts crumbling in the desert….

Bucky Fullerscope Chronogram — Buckminster Fuller was born on the day of the first prediscovery photo of Chiron, and other interesting astrological notes…. Solar Cheers International Herald Tribune — China has its special take on eclipse, including recent earthquake….

Daily Libra Horoscope, Wednesday, 9 October 12222

The Real Saturn Thunderbolts — Maybe the reality of the time tells us more about the myth…. Off With Their Heads! National Geographic — Astrologers who failed to forecast Chinese eclipse paid with their lives…. Victimized by Astrology and ABC News -- Web site warns of the dangers associated with odd, and not so odd, beliefs…. Heavenly Footwear Express India — This shoe designer has seven consulting astrologers working on her line…. The World on a String Thunderbolts — Did ancient humans actually see the influence of the Sun and the planets, as filaments in the sky?

Ceres An Impersonator?

Science News — Is the largest asteroid really an undocumented outer planet that moved in? Haircut Moon Phase — Cut your hair at the full of the Moon, plus other good times for coolest coiffing…. Ice Age Asteroid Physorg — More physical evidence of an extinction-triggering asteroid impact from very recent history….

Signs and Seasons Roanoke — Increasing evidence shows disorders vary, depending on what time of year you were born…. Astrology and Rebellion Asian Tribune — The Burmese junta moved out of the way of disaster, thanks to astrological advice…but two U. Two Faces of Mars BBC — Mars rulership is known for its rough, sometimes misshapen exterior, maybe because the very planet got badly smacked and damaged early on…. When Were You Born? Hall and the occult rage in early Hollywood days….

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