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The Loyal Lion finds Gemini a dubious character that may be living a double life. Venus Virgo has a critical edge and perfectionism that Gemini finds hard to live up to. Virgo will also expect things to be tidy, which is not a priority for on-the-go Gemini. Both are nervous types, so it will take a lot of soothing partner massages to come down from the day. Gemini will want to be punctual and take note of Virgo's likes, to be considered for friendship or more.

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Both of these lovers are commitment-shy and dance around getting into deeper bonds until its inevitable. What holds them together is a love of culture, ideas, and language. Libra is thrown off balance by Gemini, who flits from one fascination to the next.

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Humor and good communication could save the day. One is secretive, and the other an open book—what could possibly go wrong? You share an endless curiosity about what makes people tick, and can have fun comparing notes. Scorpio takes love deadly seriously, while Gemini has a lighter attitude. The desires of Scorpio are intense and will call for Gemini to show the soulful side, in its personal repertoire.

Road trip! This pair hits the road, takes selfies and shares them widely across many social media platforms. As long as you two are aimed in the same general direction, this love grows with each adventure. This pairing brings together a serious earth sign with a light air sign for a bit of an odd couple match.

Capricorn looks for stability and raises eyebrows at careless choices that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Gemini feels earthbound by such a staid outlook, but there can be balancing factors. They meet on being the comics of the Zodiac—one light and the other dark—making for some merry moments.

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Ideas are the best aphrodisiacs here, along with freaky pillow talk. Much depends on whether each is on the same wavelength, at this time in life. Aquarius feels itself an intellectual giant, and mentor to eternal student Gemini. Both love trends, change, and role-playing, which could get interesting!

The heights of mind and depths of imagination come together here for an uneasy union. Much depends on maturity, as Pisces is easily tricked by wily Gemini. Both are playful and chameleon-like, and delight in seeing the many faces of the other. If there are basic honesty and trust, this dream won't become a nightmare. Updated April 23, Find out your position of Venus by sign here. When your Venus is in Gemini, you look for lively relationships with plenty of activity and communication.

When you are in love, you make light and witty company, even if your Sun is in a more serious sign like Taurus or Cancer. You look for a partner who can hold a real conversation. Evasive, yes, but dishonest is off the mark. Venusian Geminis are not in touch with their feelings enough to give a concrete answer when they are cornered. Or perhaps you can say that they are so mentally stimulated that they are more aware than most of all of the possible answers or reasons. Neither are you the type to excuse yourself to soul-search, then get back to your lover with a meaningful answer.

This quality is often misinterpreted as insincerity. You are not the most sentimental of lovers, although you do have a wonderful way with words. You value exchanging and sharing ideas in a partnership, and a good conversation makes powerful foreplay for you!

Although some Venus in Gemini people go through lovers like Kleenex, just to avoid the frightening thought of having to commit oneself to only one partner, most are very capable of loyalty in the long-term. They simply want their relationships to be interesting.

See Venus in Gemini for more details on the Venus in Gemini temperament. You and your partner want to be active in your relationship, and neither of you is happy if your partnership enters a boring zone. You should be pleased with the amount of independence granted to you from each other. Together, your enthusiasm is infectious. You are more intellectual than your partner, finding good conversations stimulating.

In fact, you are in the most loving of moods when you engage in a satisfying verbal exchange with your lover. The key here will be to stay active with each other, being careful not to ride too high on the enthusiastic energy you two generate when together, at the expense of enjoying each other in quiet ways once in a while. Your partner can easily become impatient with your indecisiveness. Probably the biggest problem in your partnership is a sense of instability.

You react to each other very impulsively, and neither of you is given to setting goals for your partnership. Living in the moment certainly infuses a sense of playfulness and fun into your relationship that is enviable, but your relationship may not always feel dependable. In fact, your powerful attraction to each other often runs hot and cold. Harnessing the energy and passion of your combined energies will not be easy, but if you can slow down once in a while and enjoy each other, this relationship can be both invigorating and rich.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Taurus: Your Venus signs are side-by-side, meaning you both approach love relationships very differently. This combination can generate much intrigue and fascination. In fact, side-by-side signs tend to turn up more frequently in love relationships than those that are traditionally considered compatible.

If your differences are not accepted and appreciated by each other, however, over time they can cause many disagreements!

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Your partner is a steady person in love. You tend to live in the moment when it comes to love, and are an expert at infusing relationships with playfulness and a lively spirit. Although you find each other intriguing, the problems start when you recognize that your values are at odds. You value verbal exchanges, while your partner values stability and security. You show your love by playfulness, teasing, and interest. A touch means more than words to your partner.

Your constancy and physical presence does as well.

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You might complain that your partner takes what you say seriously, and wants to hold you to it. When you are distressed or out of whack, you want to be able to talk it through with your partner. You enjoy new experiences and environments, while your partner is not as quick to embrace change. This is a partnership that has much potential if both of you are willing to learn from each other, mainly because each of you expresses qualities that the other lacks.

If either or both of you are stuck in your ways or self-righteous, this will be a rocky partnership! How You Relate to a Partner who also has Venus in Gemini: Because both of you have similar needs in relationships, your pairing highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the Venusian Gemini position!

Together you can enjoy some wonderful cerebral moments as well as lighter entertainment. Your relationship is less likely than most to get clouded over with possessiveness or jealousies, although it can certainly run hot and cold at times! For this reason, this pairing is probably more suitable for a shorter affair than a long-term commitment, unless there are stronger connections some boosts from Saturn, for example between your charts.

Nevertheless, the relationship can be very lively and interesting. Both of you are insatiably curious, and your interests can change quickly. Many partners have difficulty understanding this trait they can easily find it threatening , but your partner should, at least in theory, identify with you on this level. In astrology, side-by-side signs have very little in common. This generates plenty of interest and fascination between the both of you.

You approach love in markedly different ways, and your partner mirrors many of the traits you lack, and vice versa. The attraction is strong between you. Your partner has a uniquely nurturing approach to love and partnership.

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Your partner is fascinated with your often cheerful disposition, your flexibility, and your intelligent charm. Over time, your very different approaches to love can surface as difficulties, with the bottom line a clash of values.

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You are flirtatious with your partner, and your teasing is actually a true show of love. More than likely, your partner will play along with your lighthearted games, but may ultimately long for more warmth. You believe that any problem can be solved by talking it through.

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Your partner shows love through gestures and commitment, and may leave you wanting for fun and excitement. This is important because you can go through some very insecure and uncertain moments in your life. Your partner will appreciate your flexibility more than anything, and reward you with a commitment that is difficult to break.

Try to pay more attention to tenderness in your exchanges with your lover, as this can only strengthen the bond between you. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Leo: The first thing you will notice about each other is that you share a common sense of fun in love. Your love of variety, however, may leave your partner feeling a little threatened, simply because your partner desires to be the center of your attention!

When you are in love, you enjoy talking, and your lover will appreciate the easy flow of communication between you. Your lover might interpret your need for variety and stimulation as superficial or flighty. Despite these differences, however, this pairing is an intriguing and mostly positive one. How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo: Because your partner values intelligence and communication in a partner, there can be quite a bit of mental attraction between you and your Venus in Virgo partner.

Both of you are somewhat restless and curious people. Your partner comes alive in an established relationship. You, on the other hand, require a little more freedom and may often turn to other people in addition to your partner for mental stimulation. You have a rather happy-go-lucky disposition in love, and you love to tease and joke.

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Your lover tends to be more sensitive in matters of the heart, and might take some of your cajoling a little too seriously for your liking. You thrive on variety, and you tire easily of a love relationship that becomes too predictable. If your Venus in Virgo lover begins to question your sincerity and constancy, remind your partner how much you appreciate your relationship. Thoughtfulness might make all the difference! Together, you will enjoy some fabulous conversations. There can be considerable respect between you.