Cancer horoscope for december 5

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Venus went backward in early October, and although it went direct again on November 16, Mercury reversed just a few hours later. But Mercury goes forward on Thursday, December 6 , which will deliver some much-needed clarity.

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Trust your vision. The following day Friday, December 7 , a new moon in Sagittarius activates the area of your chart connected to work and routines.

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During this lunation, consider ways you can incorporate creativity into your daily schedule. New moons correspond with the beginning of the lunar cycle, so embrace this opportunity to manifest your intentions.

Cancer Weekly Tarot Card Reading for December 5 to 11, 2016

How can your relationships help you achieve your goals, Cancer? The last full moon of happens to occur in your own sign on Saturday, December 22 , and this will be a huge day for you to set exciting goals for the year ahead.

Horoscopes & Astrology Predictions For Tuesday, December 5, 2017 By Zodiac Sign

The new moon on Friday wants you to apply straight talk as a value and to stop worrying about pleasing everybody. Venus and Mercury are touring through your sign, Scorpio, making you the most articulate and magnetic of them all. Use this charisma and intelligence in service to your personal goals and helping others.

The new moon on Friday asks you to set intentions for income and security—define what you need for success. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Is closure on your wish list?

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  • Let go of the outdated things in your life that are blocking you from joy and relationship health. Be intentional and specific about all your dreams, and happy manifesting. Try seeing your friendships as more romantic and your romances as more friendly, Capricorn—minimize the barriers between both. Ready for career lift-off, water-bearer?

    Horoscope: December 5, 2018

    Professional success and your intelligence are coming to your aid. Bon voyage, Pisces! You want to explore new places and people who share your profound curiosity and optimism. Best of all, other people have real confidence in you, and the Pluto effect attracts you to someone unexpected but exciting.

    Your chances of winning are so much higher when you enter a competition that means a lot to a family. Venus goes deep into your heart chart and you love in ways that make you both happy and in time strengthen the romance. Text a psychic.

    Your Horoscopes — Week Of December 5,

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